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Classic 4D-Banff, Yoho & Columbia Icefield Tour from Calgary (Airport Transfer)
Classic 4D-Banff, Yoho & Columbia Icefield Tour from Calgary (Airport Transfer)
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4-day guided tour exploring the Rocky Mountain National Parks of Canada!

☆ Rocky Mountain Gateway. Starting from Calgary, it takes only 1.5 hours to enter the scenic area of the National Park!

☆ Stay in comfortable hotels in the scenic area throughout your journey in Banff and Jasper!

☆ Our transparent itinerary ensures you a productive and fulfilling trip as you go sightseeing at the natural gems in the National Parks!

☆ The classic itinerary covers the three world-famous national parks, Banff, Jasper and Yoho!

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Product Code110106
Language Chinese   English   
Departure City Calgary   Banff   
End City Calgary   Banff   
Feature Glacier    National Park    Amazing View   
Day1 Arrive Calgary
Day2 Banff - Bow Fall- Hoodoos - Sulphur Mountain - Johnston Canyon
Day3 Banff - Columbia Icefield - Banff
Day4 Banff - Lake Louise - Moraine Lake – Yoho National Park - Calgary
Important Info

4 day
Pickup point
[YYC Pickup] Gate 1 of Arrival Hall at Calgary airport
Dropoff point
[Dropoff] Calgary airport departure level
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  • Admission for National Park
  • Hotel accommodations for 3 nights as listed -standard room
  • Bilingual Tour Guide (English and Chinese)
  • Traffic Accident Insurance
  • Air-conditioned vehicle
  • GST (Goods and Services Tax)
  • NOTE: The sequence of itineraries are subject to change without prior notice
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  • Meals & All Personal Expenses such as laundry, phone & travel insurance
  • Driver/Tour Guide gratuity C$10/pp/day, airport pick up C$4/pp
  • Refunds for costs caused by force majeure
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Cancellation Policy

The following conditions apply to cancellations and changes: 

- Reduce the number of participants on the same booking 

- Cancel the entire booking 

- Change the itinerary 

- Change the departure date but keep the same itinerary 

1.    Within 30 days of departure, there will be no refunds for changes or cancellations of an entire booking (including but not limited to: activities, meals, tickets, pre-paid items, and accommodations in the itinerary).  

2.     You will be charged a service fee of C$100/booking/time for cancellations or modifications made more than or 31 days before departure (Refundable for activities and catering). 

The following conditions apply to booking modifications: 

- Increase the number of travelers in the itinerary(Depending on resource availability corresponding to the itinerary dates) 

- Modify the name of a traveler participating in the itinerary. 

  1. No changes will be made within 30 days before departure. 
  2. You will be charged a service fee of C$50/booking/time for changes or modifications made more than or 31 days before departure. 
  • When modifying your booking, you may be charged for any services fees, penalties or additional costs due to resource circumstances. 
  • If for any reason you need to cancel or modify your booking, a bank wire fee, merchandise fee, or credit card service fee, etc. will be deducted from your refund. 
  • Any changes or cancellations must be made through email or fax. Verbal changes or cancellations are not accepted. 
  • Cancellations and refunds are processed within 1-7  business days 
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Additional Info

Booking notice: 

  1. This product is a local bus tour. All foreign travelers are responsible to have ready and to bring a valid visa. Confirm and process eTA in advance according to your passport type. For details, please click the link: (Electronic Travel Permit [Mandarin] for reference only: 
  2. Please provide accurate and complete information (Name, gender, adult / child, copy of passport and contact information) when booking a tour to avoid errors that would affect your travel. If you cause a delay or cause losses due to missing or inaccurate information, you will be held responsible. 
  3. If you have not received a “Tour Confirmation”7 days before your trip, please contact our office. 
  4. To ensure a smooth and complete trip, we strongly recommend that you order activity tickets and meal packages, at the time of booking a tour. No additional changes or modifications will be provided within 7 days before or during the tour. 
  5. This product is a local bus tour. Under the premise that the promised service and standards remain unchanged, your itinerary may take place alongside another traveler’s itinerary to form a group tour. Depending on arrival and departure dates, travelers’ itinerary sequence may differ. 
  6. Hotel Class: North American Hotels do not have an official hotel star rating standard. The hotels involved on the trip are local brand hotels. 
  7. The North American Hotel Standard Room is equipped with one large bed or two standard beds. If you have a specific request for bed types, please inform us at the time of booking and we will do our best to accommodate you. 
  8. Product components such as: tour vehicles, hotels, restaurants, attraction facilities, etc. may have different standards (ratings, classes, quality) in different regions of the world; please understand. Our bilingual tour guides will use Mandarin and/or English to serve you. 
  9. Tour vehicles: Vehicles are arranged according to the number of people in a group. In a group up to 24 passengers, the driver will also be the tour guide. In a group of more than 24 passengers, an individual driver/tour guide will be provided. 
  10. Westar Travel acts only as a Tour Operator for the owners and contractors providing transportation, accommodation or other services and is not responsible or liable for any loss, damage or injury, delay or accident due to an act of default of any company engaged in providing service included in these packages. 
  11. In case of force majeure including but not limited to weather, traffic accidents, etc. our company has the right to modify or cancel the itinerary. 
  12. It is strongly recommended that you purchase travel insurance for your personal benefit. 
  13. Westar Travel is not responsible for any transportation cancellations or delays, climate change, or any other travel safety issues within the trip that are caused by circumstances not under our company’s control. 


Travel Notice:  

  1. If your itinerary includes airport pick-up and drop-off service, please provide accurate flight information and arrive at the designated pick-up location in advance. If the pick-up or designated pick-up location is mistaken due to inaccurate information you have provided, you will be charged C$30/pp for a second pick-up service. 
  2. According to different hotel operation requirements, you may be required to provide credit card information as a deposit during your stay for miscellaneous expenses and incidental guarantees (such as telephone expense, laundry, catering).  
  3. Before your trip, if you need any assistance, you are welcome to call our customer service: North America toll free No.: 1-855-201-8525;China Hotline (Free) 400-113-3813. 
  4. 4.All activities and meals must be booked in advance. Please understand that no additional bookings will be provided during the tour. 
  5. During the tour, please arrive at the pick-up location at the time scheduled by the tour guide. Do not be late to avoid delaying other tourists’ itinerary. If you are late or miss the transportation we have provided, you are responsible (at your own expense) to meet the group at the next designated meeting location. 
  6. During your trip, the tour guide may pick-up or drop-off travelers accommodated at different hotels. The tour guide will make reasonable arrangements according to the presented situation. Please cooperate and understand, thank you. 
  7. During your trip, there may be different vehicles and tour guides serving you. 
  8. If for any reason you need to leave our group during the trip, you must fill out a “Letter of Liability Release”; no exceptions. 
  9. Guests under 16 years old, must be accompanied by an adult (Age 18 or above). 
  10. In the event of traffic, weather, or other circumstances not under our company’s control, or if you are unable to participate in activities included in the itinerary due to personal reasons, no refunds will be given.  
  11. If you have special needs (such as but not limited to: bed type, vegetarian options, high-chairs, etc.) please inform us at least 7 days before your trip. We will do our best to accommodate you, but there is no guarantee. 
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Anonymous   2019-05-31 11:55:14
这次旅行非常愉快!首先,一共两个导游,前两天的一个,后两天一个,都非常尽职,体贴,专业!行程安排合理,不那么累,也有自由活动时间,没有购物。住处条件也不错,吃的也很好,相比国内旅游,国外跟团才真的让人舒心,比较正规。总体非常好,满意! 虽然不是一团到底,但衔接的顺畅,完全没有乱的感觉,导游及服务人员素质高,专业!

MAI ****  2019-06-20 12:22:49
行程安排很好,国家公园里的经典景点都涵盖了。天公也作美,翡翠湖,路易斯湖,梦莲湖,马琳湖和冰原都有阳光,美景尽收眼底。山上的天气变化莫测,在硫磺山上还下大雪了,又是另一番风景!小团游的好处就是不用浪费时间在等齐人上,而且也不会一大堆人同时挤在风景处拍照,导游也能照顾到个人的疑问和需求。 司导(陈帅,Vincent HUANG 和李家明),都很不错。尤其是家明哥哥,很详细的讲解和很耐心地答疑,很helpful和灵活,赞一个客服也很快速响应贴心跟进。

Anonymous   2019-06-27 10:35:42
黎导很热情 各方面安排妥当,大家可放心

Wu ****  2019-08-20 12:26:54

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Number of rooms: 1
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